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The last of three LGC newbuildings delivered

Solvang has now taken delivery of the third and last of the three Large Gas Carriers (LGC) being constructed at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea.

The three vessels represent yet another step towards the future in terms of fuel efficiency and minimizing harmful emissions.

The hull shape and vessel overall size has been designed specifically with certain key niche markets for the LGC segment, and are the only three vessels in the world with this particular design and set-up. Furthermore, the vessels are all equipped with a full scale exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubber), enabling the vessels to operate on one type of fuel all over the world, both inside and outside Emission Control Areas (ECA).

This means that the vessels are now in full compliance with new environmental regulations from January 2015, as well as the future regulations expected to be enforced from 2020 / 2025.

The first vessel was delivered on April 8th, and the second vessel was delivered on June 1st.