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Heavy fuel oil proves fully Tier III-compliant

After three years of testing, shipowner Solvang has received Tier III certificates for their new 21,000 cbm ECO Ethylene carriers. While running on heavy fuel oil, the tankers deliver green transportation, contrary to suspicion.

The evolution continues

Solvang´s new class of ethylene carriers was the first HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) fuelled TIR III* compliant ethylene carriers in the world. The vessel specification and detailed design is based on experience with our previous ECO design where we combine cost-efficient means for minimizing the overall fuel consumption.

Making heavy fuel oil clean

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) combined with previous measures reduces NOx emissions from heavy fuel oil by up to 80 % in a typical LPG tanker. The concept is a potential game changer for Norwegian domestic shipping.

Years of evolution has made HFO-fuelled shipping greener

Today´s shipping is much greener than 30 years ago, and this development is likely to continue. We are looking at an evolution, rather than a revolution.